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third file down. "with authority" is a (was a) peer-to-peer card game, which you can play offline.

Now if i wanted to change the images to my own cards, how would i go about that? i looked in the folders and they're all .gai and .gac files. Looked that up on google and :eek:

Any game developers here worked with a similar setup?

Or know how to create a similar setup? I've done a basic twist or bust game in C and Java (and used a GUI builder to make an interface for that). So i have a basic understanding of those. And abit of Visual Basic.

Any volunteers? :mrgreen: </B></U></I>

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Thats what i thought, but there's no image files, they're all GAC and GAI.

But as for starting afresh. I'm working on it.. slowly :)


>GAC and GAI

Yeah that's prolly their own extension, much like flash files end in .fla MS word files end in .doc etc. You can only access them through the appropriate program.

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