Just wanted to tell some of you that are struggling with programming there is an alternative, Blender game engine. It's easy and fun to use. No coding required. One of te great advantages is speed, a 3d game can be made in hours or days. you don't need to compile the file to run it so if you see a mistake get out of engine ,edit and run all within a few seconds which cuts down game development drastically. When you are finished developing your game you compile with the Blender interface, meaning no headaches at all.
Also the engine is powerful and versatile, by connecting several what are called logic bricks together your objects can do almost anything.

Check it out if you want an alternative to programming. Look at the link, this is my aquarium made with the game engine It's almost finished I just want to get the behavior where it's more realistic By the way the image quality is poor my camera is not very good and i can't use a screen capture program because it slows down the framerate too much.


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This looks like Alice

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What is Alice?


there are many tools that promise you can create the next killer game, the one that will bring you instant fame and megabucks, without any programming in just a few hours or days...

None of them deliver of course, no reason to assume this one is any different from the rest of them.

You are not being fair. there is a game made with BGE the prototype took 4 hours it's called "Yo Frankie" Check it out if you have time. If you look at my aquarium which is still unfinished, i am still adding some movements. like balancing. I don't have too much time now to work on it. My point is this, Now that i know how to use game engine I can make a saltwater tank in a few days includng several saltwater fish, fully rigged and ready to place in my aquarium. if i were to try skeletal animation in reatime with c++ well.... let's just say for someone like myself who has little ability programming I would never have done this. Many of the other aquariums don't have many movements (probably very difficult to do.) it's easier with the game engine and as the game engine is improved I predict that many game engines will be codeless like BGE. Good news for people who want an alternative

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I've used blender and I can testify its game engine is bloody good.

One problem with blender is the interface, it's so damn complicated but if you spend time to learn all the short keys... wow... everything becomes really fast.

The OP is right in that most kids go the whole "let's build this thing from scratch." Truth is... you don't. Since most games are 3D nowadays it makes sense to use a 3D modelling package. Blender is one bit of software I enjoy using.

lol , Alice :)


Clue me in about what Alice is? Does anyone know or is it a private joke?


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