Have gone through the basic microsoft tutorials but have yet to see how one goes beyond this to actually create something. Have downloaded visual studio express and XNA. My goal is to at least create a venue for a game idea and admit that I do not have a clue after learning classes and methonds.

Looking for a a little tutoring show that I can teach myself

Instead of trying to jump right into programming a game after just reading through the introductory materials, try creating a piece of something you might find in a game. For example, you probably learned about how to create simple 2D shapes on the screen (circle, line, box, etc), why not try to create a simple radar screen: A big green circle with a single line that sweeps around at a slow rate. This will challenge your 2D concept fundamentals as well as your math skills.

Once you have that, try to make it look as awesome as you can make it. For example, as the line goes by, make a diminishing shadow follow it. Or try to plot "bogies" on the radar screen that react when the line sweeps over them. Then try moving the bogies from point A to point B. Then try adding text indicators labeling each bogey.

This is an example of how a very simple concept can be expanded upon to make a very cool effect. All of the above can be accomplished with simple 2D drawing and text commands, but it can also be done with images. For another project, try to see how images could make your radar screen better instead of the drawing functions.

There are also a few forums out there that offer newbie challenges. Don't be put-off by the language being used...any development language can usually accomplish the beginning steps. Here are two beginner challenges on the forum for DarkBasic Professional that might work for you too:


Good luck to you. Happy developing.

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