Hey what kind of programming language does the original playstation use? And where can I download it and some good tutorials? I just have one lying around and thought that it would be cool to make some games just 4 fun.

Download the programming language xD lol

You should not try to make a game yet, but rather learn a program with a language.

Wait... Download a programming language? I hope this is a typo. Do as resell4 stated. Learn to program before thinking you can jump into game development.

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By "original PlayStation", do you mean the PS1?
If so, the language used for PlayStation games are written in C. However, you can't make games for the PlayStation without an official license from SCE. And now that PS1 development is outdated, there's no way to get a PS1-dedicated license from SCE. There are other ways to program the PS1. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to talk about it.

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