I want to create a game on my own.
But I dont know which products I should use I have downloaded Engine001.

But are they great enough.
I dont have any knowledge about game creation & just need to make an easy game on my story
just thought that what should i do in my summer vacation.

My friend told me its a good game creator with resources available on site i like it so much just started the prologue

Is it good software any software any one can recommend

Engine001 is suitable for what you want.
First, visualize what you want. You want to create a Role-Playing game.

Then start small. Make a game with a single room and a single character.
Write some backstory on that character. Why is he or she in the room? What does he or she hope to accomplish? Also, the room. What is the purpose of the room?
Then create another room. What is the purpose of that room?

Experiment. Can you open doors? Open chests? Turn on switches? And so on.

Create another character for your first character to meet and join with? What's this character's motivations for joining? What's the cause? Is it money, power, the building of a better world, or plain boredom?

What is the opposition to your quest? A secret band of assassins? Evil robots from outer space? A vast world government? Vegetarian chickens come to wreak havoc on the ignorant meat-eating masses?

See what you can do.
We expect great things.

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