Changes since 0.7:

  • The automatic camera was improved. The rotation restrictions were modified. The option to disable the restrictions was added.
  • User interface was improved. Preview for layouts and saved games was added.
  • Support for translations was modified and improved. Also we fixed a German version.
  • Added new models of tiles.
  • Added three more music tracks.
  • Added option to highlight the even layers.
  • Fixed the issue with closing the game by pressing Q.
  • Fixed the problems with the installation in /usr/games
  • Deb-packages for Debian (compatible with Ubuntu and Mint) were made.
  • Prepared second alpha version of the editor layout (distributed separately).

Download stable 0.8 version:

Additional music:

Source code:

Linux dependencies.
To run the game on various Linux distributions, you need to install additional packages first.

  • Fedora 14: openal-soft freeimage
  • openSUSE 11.4: openal-soft libpcreposix0 libfreeimage3 (i586 x86_64)
  • Mandriva 2010.02: openal (libfreeimage3 or lib64freeimage3)
  • Arch 2010.05: openal freeimage libvorbis xdg-utils glut
  • Slackware 13.37: openal freeimage
  • Other: usually you need to install glut freeimage openal pcre.

Homepage: http://opengamestudio.org

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Looks perfect, I like mahjong and happy when it's improving

Thank you :)

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