Hello guyz,
i just want to enter the world of programming but i didn't know from what i'm starting i took a short look in C also C++ and Java, so any one know what is the best for learning as a start.

Python teaches code fundamentals and proper coding

Depends on in which field you want to work in.For windows and GUI programming, C#.NET,Visual BASIC.NET is good.Normally C++ and Java are excellent in every platform but it can be difficult for beginners.Python is also easy and Ruby is good too.

For web scripting, HTML is must and CSS is must for designing and for the execution and system, I recommend either PHP or ASP

There is no "best" language just learn a language you feel comfortable in. For me this is now Visual Studio with C# and Python, but I started with FORTRAN, BASIC, Pascal, Modula-2 etc.

I suggest you to begin with python. C or C++, though very powerful languages, may pose problems to beginners. Happy coding!

I'm going to say Javascript because you can practice it on virtually any browser anywhere in seconds. I find the biggest obstacle to learning how to code for beginners is the same as going to the gym: doing it.

This said my I recommend this beginner tutorial http://jsforcats.com/

am a biginner but out of the views i suggest to rool on with python, i think its cool for me!

First of all you decide in whcih programming language you wan to make his career. After that you can learn the basis syntxa along with some example. After that, make some projects on that language, this way you definitely learn that programming language and also learn how to use it in the bih projects in the industyr. It also helps you in getting a good job or you can make your own software.
I recommend you to choose PHP if you want to go in the web developement beucase it is easy to leanr and uses world-wide and in this you will got the job easily.

when you decied to be programmer you must to know programmer language tou went to make or done it so two done forget c/c++ language they help you to write program all the time look the body of the program means tha way of your program work aal most and language his take thanks

Compared to some more modern languages (like PHP, .net and ruby) C/C++ can be difficult. I would suggest learning something simple but still OOP so you can learn good basics and techniques and get to understand the principles involved, then tackle C/C++ if that is what you want to do.
I would suggest that PHP and vb.net are good starting points, slightly harder is java,c# and ruby

I vote for the best language out of simplicity and support...
(Programmer's Choice is out of the question)

Python (specifically 2.7) is the simplest programming language I've seen which offers the most support.
It does use alot of RAM as it's a dynamic language.
(I recommend 2.7 rather than Python3, as it's a bit cleaner)

Once you get to know your stuff, I recommend moving to C
(C++ is ok, but it's a little dirty)

both are cross platform

languages that are a bad practice to learn:

Java - very dirty coding style and high RAM usage

C# - copied from Java, but made worse using MS frameworks
(anything that uses MS.NET is bad)

LUA - while simple like python, it follows standards for computer illiterates.
it's also a language that's better for fun rather than building robust applications. (such as MineCraft's ComputerCraft)

and to clear something up, JS is not a good language to start with...
it's dirty as it's extremely extendable, and it doesn't support file I/O.
JS is only good for web-based programming, despite how slow it is.
(Flash is better than JS)

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If you want to question my knowledge about languages, I'm designing one myself:
^might I mention, I'm thinking about noobs in this.

This language isn't meant for power until exported...
When using the language, it's meant for testing,
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without any doubt,i can say that, its C. C is the best langauge for the beginers

Actually I have to correct myself...

start with python27, but move on to D.
I'm not sure about the cross-platform since everything else seems to prefer C, but I hear D is alot better.