Hello guys,

I've been working on a game in Java, it doesn't use any third party libraries so everything was made from scratch, I was wondering if anyone was interested in helping me bring it to the next level.

The game is going to be essentially a mix of Castlevania/Dark Souls with the Loot and Skill system of a Diablo 2, I have a very, VERY rough version that I'm willing to share and would love feedback from you guys.

Anyways here it is, It would be awesome if anyone could play it and tell me what they think,


download the Zip file, unZip it somewhere, and double click on the .jar executable, it's only 1.3MB big.

Thanks for your time!

I just downloaded the zip file. However, my unpacker is busy with Dev C++. I started a game a couple of years ago. It is coded in PHP. However, I don't like the way it interacts with the users so I am attempting to code it in some other language. I have been exploring possibilities with Java. Would love to swap stories about our games.