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Hello guys :) I hope you are well.
I have a problem, I am trying to build a 2D platformer and I am stuck when it comes to building the levels.
I found a tutorial on how to build a tiling engine and I just got completely confussed.
I am using SDL and I am trying to get my Tile class to build levels without have to make 1000+ Tile class objects in a different class that just handle one tile each.
The problem is am trying to use nested vectors with shared_ptrs and am really confussed. My program just crashes straight away and I don't know what to do.

#ifndef TILE_H
#define TILE_H
//config.h holds all the gobal variable.
#include "config.h"
//Sprite.h hold the static sprite class.
#include "Sprite.h"

#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>

//This class is a tiling engine it build a level for a 2D platformer.
class Tile
        //This function builds the level with a
        Tile* CreateMap(SDL_Renderer* Display);
        //This function clips a tile sprite sheet up into pieces.
        void ClipRect();
        //Updates the tiles.
        void Update(int TimePassed);
        //Renders the tiles to the screen.
        void Renderer(SDL_Renderer* Display, SDL_Rect& Cam);

        //Hold the height and width of the tiles.
        int mWidth;
        int mHeight;

        //Holds the data for clipping the tile sprite sheet.
        //It is an rectangle array using enums from the config.h file for index values.
        SDL_Rect clip[TOTAL_TILE_SPRITES];
        //this crazy thing is two vectors that are going to hold which row and column we are currently on.
        //The shared pointer a sprite class that handles the graphics logics and renders 2D sprites.
        //If that still confusses you just think int[row][col] which containts the sprites that the tiles.
        std::vector<std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Sprite>>> mSpriteMap;

#endif // TILE_H

#include "Tile.h"
#include "Collision.h"




//This is the test map function
Tile* Tile::CreateMap(SDL_Renderer* Display)
    Tile* Map = new Tile;

    const int num_row = 15;
    const int num_col = 20;
    //I know am trying initialise the mSpriteMap to build a level with but I don't understand what going one here.
    Map->mSpriteMap = std::vector<std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Sprite>>> (num_row, std::vector<std::shared_ptr<Sprite>> (num_col, std::shared_ptr<Sprite>()));

    //Here am making a share_ptr of the sprite class.
    std::shared_ptr<Sprite> sprite(new Sprite);
    //This sprite is calling the load file function.
    //This load a file with the string and the renderer, is need to make it into a texture.
    sprite->LoadFile(Display, "Data/Tile.png");

    //This is all to test to see if it works.
    const int row = 11;
    for(int col = 0; col < num_col; col++)
        mSpriteMap[row][col] = sprite;

    Map->mSpriteMap[10][10] = sprite;

    return Map;

//Cliping the stuff :D
void Tile::ClipRect()
    clip[RED_TILE] = {0, 0, 32, 32};

//Note: We are asumming that all tiles are the same size
void Tile::Update(int TimePassed)
    //This is looping though all the sprite tiles and updating them.
    for(size_t row = 0; row < mSpriteMap.size(); row++)
        for(size_t col = 0; col < mSpriteMap[row].size(); col++)
            //This test if the tile we are on excities
                //This confussed me completely, what should I be updateing here? Why would updata a static sprite?

void Tile::Renderer(SDL_Renderer* Display, SDL_Rect& Cam)
    for(size_t row = 0; row < mSpriteMap.size(); row++)
        for(size_t col = 0; col < mSpriteMap[row].size(); col++)
            //This test if the tile we are on excities
            if(mSpriteMap[row][col] && mSpriteMap[row][col] != NULL)
                //This is rendering function, we need the renderer to render.
                //mBox.x is position x to be rendered on the screen.
                //mBox.y is position y to be rendered on the screen.
                //&clip[RED_TILE] is what part of the tile sprite sheet I am using, which is only the red tile.
                mSpriteMap[row][col]->Draw(Display, col * 32, row * 32, &clip[RED_TILE]);


Any help/suggestion would be awesome. Thank you.