i want to know which is the best language for the game programming?

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what's wrong with the dozen threads about this exact topic that already have been discussed to death?
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Matter of opinion about which is the 'best' I guess but I believe the most used language for game programming is C++.


there is no "best".
Read all the other threads about it, several with the exact same title...

@Hericles: C# is becoming ever more popular, especially as engines like Unity become more powerful and stable.
And very few projects will be written using a single language. Most will have a core in one language, then implement some scripting language for most other stuff that's easier to use for the content designers.

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If you want to create your games using an already existing game engine ( like unity or udk ) i suggest learning some scripting languages like c# or javascript ( both used in unity ) otherwise if you're planing on creating your own game engine or programming using an API or a library then C++ is your best choise .


Like others have stated, there is no right and wrong language to use when programming games, its just a matter of opinion and what you feel comfortable with. I like to use C# and XNA as I feel my workflow is a lot faster compared to C++ and OpenGL. It really depends on what sort of game your wanting to programme (2D/3D) and what content is will contain.

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