I wanted to start my own game. I have experience developing in C, C++ and Java. I also have tried out Python and currently I am learning OpenGL.

I would like to know if there are preferrable programming languages that are suited best when it comes to game programming.

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Actionscript if your into flash games, C++ is my preferred language.

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C++ easily for any PC based gaming.

For Browser based games, I have a preference to PHP, far more relaxed and easy.

To be honest If you are experience in C++ you'll be able to get by start on a game and be quiet happy with it.

It depends on the requirements for the game.

it does depend on the requirements for the game, but if you need real time 3D rendering, your on the right track with C++ and OpenGL. Be sure to have a good knowledge of both before starting something big though.

I would stay away from ActionScript and the like, unless your true goal is to make a bunch of browser games. The Flash market seems to be quite different from all the rest of the games, so that's a decision you'll have to make.

If you're making desktop games, there's no doubt that C++ is the root of your choice. Now whether or not you program directly in C++ is up to you... The thing about C++ is that it gives you a lot of power (which is good), but it's up to you to make your code cross-platform. You'll find plenty of libraries for Windows game engines, or DirectX this, OpenGL that, but I find it most beneficial when you can write a game and deploy it on Macs, PCs, Linux, the works.

I recommend BlitzMax to get you started with game programming. It uses the simple/non-intimidating syntax of BASIC, but under the hood it's really just a wrapper around C++ and open source libraries. It's actually quite genius, and as you grow as a programmer and learn more about memory management and whatnot, you can essentially do whatever you want with it.

Check it out at www.blitzmax.com. I'm writing a game write now in BlitzMax called Fantasy Hip Hop RPG. You can check out a video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXZzfrUUX0g or at www.fantasyhiphop.com/blog to see what's possible.

Thanks, it's been a while...been busy with work. BTW, I am planning to do 3d games. I am starting to familiarize myself with OpenGL and Python.

I have Blender 2.4 installed on my pc.
Would using Blender be a good way to start.

Thanks for your advices


C++ and OpenGL is really the way to go. Blender is a 3D design tool more than it is a game language. From what I understand, you can do some limited programming in it, but for flexibility's sake, you're going to want to use Blender just to design your 3D models, and a real programming language to write your game.

For my project, we're using Ogre3D as our graphics engine. It is extremely flexible, well documented (books have been written on it), and portable between different platforms, so ultimately, it can be used to write games on PC, Mac, and Linux. There are also a bunch of third-party libraries and interface very well with Ogre3D that can help you handle physics. Very helpful.

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C++ is probably one of the best programiing languages.
its very flexible and most programs., games included is
made using this.

Not sure as I haven't seen anyone mention this language, but I personally use DarkBASIC Professional as a programming language for games development; mainly due to the fact that it was created for the purpose of making games and I find it easier for use with 3D programming.

i want to create game tutotrial and it includes musics what possible language i need to used to insert it

for sure the best language for game programming is C++.
it is much harder to study properly, but you can create any games using it. besides most 3d engines are good friends of C++

C++ is a big thing to learn. It's really big.

If you like Python (I'm a huge fan), you can use panda3d, which in my opinion is the simplest option, especially if you have a background in Python.

Okay, I don't want to start a new treath,

most famous games probably use c++, but how are they written?
pure from source, with a 3d engine, ... ?

Definatly BASIC is the best for retro like games. For example, like a space invaderz game or a pong game. I use BlitzMax to write and compile.

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You can use xna for c# or c++ I like c# a bit better but c++ is great... it's more or less based on your preference but I have made some neat stuff in xna.. in c# and c++.

XNA is not future proof, last I heard it's being discontinued. And please don't keep reviving zombies like this.

It is basically depends on how much time and which types of game will you develop ?

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I would say, Lua,Python,Java and C++(if your making AAA games). Lua is a simple yet powerful programming language, also, it's fast. C++ is widly known, but I would say taking baby steps. why? because C++ is a hard language to learn, it's also slow too from what I heard. java is a slow programming language but look at what it made, Runscape, Minecraft very well games. Now python, I have never used it before but I have heard of it being used for games. That's all I can say on Python. Use what you feel comfortable with.

java is good if you are still a begginner

I think Action Script is best if you want to make flash games, if you use C++ you must download flash games and after play. resourceClick Here

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