Hello everyone, I'm a first year (just finished) software engineer student and i am looking to start making my first game, nothing that complex ofcourse it is meant as a learning experience, however i am incapable of finding any proper tutorials on the use of say OpenGL or DirectX. All i have found are pretty much walktroughs on how to do x, y or z, but i am yet to find why i am writing down a certain piece of code, which in my opinion is what a true tutorial should do. Even though i only understand the basics OOP(i know how to make and use objects but i still feel my code is bulky and littered with mistakes) and somewhat comprehand data structures i think that creating a game would be an invaluable experience. Thus i would greatly apretiate if you can point me in the right direction.

P.S. Please don't even consider engines as an answer, i want to create everything from scratch.

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i want to create everything from scratch.

Using which language?

With C++, sorry that i forgot to specify that.

To be honest, I'm not sure if a tutorial is really needed to learn OpenGL or DirectX. You might be able to find a fairly high quality book on the subject, but you should be ok just using the API documentation, and perhaps looking over/changing a few examples.

Thanks on that, but the problem i have with them is not entirely within them. I have some trouble understanding the code i need to wirite down in order to get a window. Up until now every place i have looked says that i should either memorize it or just have it as a cheat sheet and i don't like that, but perhaps i was kind of foolish to think that there would be something that explains say OpenGL extensively other than their own documentation.

I'm not sure why you would need 3rd party documentation, outside of a few examples.

If you want to learn what the boiler plate code does, then look up all of the methods used in the documentation.

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