hello im sort of new to game development and i want to know how to make my own 3d models i searched online and found alot of tools to use such as blender ,maya ,3ds max ... etc , but i dont which one to learn . Im using unity 3d and udk now

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They are all good, but from experience i recommend maya, it's great software just create your models and drop them in unity. and btw unity 3d have a lot of features that already exist in maya and 3d max.


I use 3ds max personally. Maya is great for animation. Blender is great because its free lightweight can run it from a folder so its portable and you can customize it nicely, it also has alot of good features. I would say try each one out and see which one you like best, they all have their glitches and issues, 3ds max probably will have more bugs then maya and blender combined but yeah pick your poison. I create my own 3d as well and I am learning unity since Im really good at 3d I will be a one man army.


I recommend 3ds max because it is easy to learn and geared towards gaming. I think they are popular among game developers because it is easy to extend via custom made plugins.

you can export your objects using .obj format and load it on irrlicht. try irredit (editor) to help you easily start going

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