Hi Guys,

I have just finished setting up a brilliant space in which we have a large TV with the following connected to it:

Nintendo Wii,
Playstation 3,
Xbox 360,
Windows 8.1 Laptop,

The only thing missing, is that I am currently using just the basic inbuild TV speakers, which is a bit of a let down with gaming in particular...!!

What I want to do is purchase a 5.1 surround sound system (or better) - wireless if possible, to complete the setup.

What I dont know though is what sort of thing I should go for... I have looked at PC surround sound systems from logitech for example but I am wondering if I should really be going for something thats more geared towards being plugged in to a TV? especially considering that all items (bar the Wii) are connected via HDMI cabling as well, and so can route the sound via the TV if thats right?

Can anyone suggest a good system for this? or have come across, or performed similar setups at all?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer :)

Kind regards,

Bose has some nice gear for this sort of thing. A bit more expensive than Logitech, but far better in quality.

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