I am confused about this. I am using Unity 2019.3.f1, Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2019 community.

While attempting to build an ECS enabled game, I have run into these problems.

  1. Multiple errors complaining that a namespace symbol can't be located (paraphrasing here, exact errors: CS0103, CS0426, etc.), though the symbols I am looking for exist within the same file.
    I've upgraded to the .NET 4.8 SDK, installed the latest packages for Unity's ECS and dependencies, and generally tried finding out why I am receiving these problems.

I would greatly appreciate some help!

Re: Compilation errors regarding missing symbols 80 80

The one error explains this -

CS0103 is caused when you are using a name for a variable or method that does not exist within the context that you are using it. In order to fix the CS0103 error you will need to correct the name of the variable or method from where it is declared or referenced

Please show some code for us to see where you named the variables.

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