Alright, I'm a novice in programming DirectX but very adept at c++ in general, and I really want to learn how DirectX works!

I borrowed a book from the local library called "Windows Game Programming for Dummies". Seeing as I'm dumber than a Dummie, I really didn't understand the chapter about "plotting a pixel"; I gave it several tries, but no matter how I did it, it didn't write out a measly pixel! (The stupid library didn't include the CD with the example code, so I can't even study that! :( )

Now this could be because the color used when plotting it was white, I don't really know.
Anyone have a good link for a really good and basic tutorial on how to plot a pixel with DirectX?
Anyone care to show how it is done?

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I've already looked through that post, alas, I've yet to find a tutorial with great quality. Most of the tutorials just skim through the important parts and just display the code (and some don't even do that!)

I mean, how am I supposed to learn something if I get insufficient information?
DirectX 3D tutorial.

I know how to create a window and start the DirectX in fullscreen mode. That's it. Where do I go from here? Seriously. I'm really frustrated.


In DirectDraw (2D api) you could set pixels directly, I've not used either for a long time, and I'm pretty sure that DirectDraw was discontinued a while back.

This kind of thing is going to be the way to go in DirectX: http://www.drunkenhyena.com/cgi-bin/view_net_article.pl?chapter=2;article=20

Basically, DirectDraw (used to?) be a 2D API with fast functions for blitting and pixel plotting in absolute screen coordinates, DirectX is a 3D API, so you get most efficiency talking to it in terms of 3D primitives ( points, lines, triangles, etc ), textures, and transforms.

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