I am new in game development and i need to know what are the best game engine to use to start my own game.

thank you!!

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If the question is "Which engines are best for making best games?"
This is the answer: Unreal Engine, CryEngine,
If the question is "Which engines are best for a beginner?"
This is the answer: There is a lot
If you answer this question, I think you'll get an healthy answer, "Which programming language you are using, you like and you're best at?

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i am best at Java Programming.
Where can i get CryEngine and i think CryEngine also has sandbox, am i right??

thanks for the reply....


Unreal is free, but I don't know CryEngine. It must be in the Crytek's official web page and yes it has sandbox.
I don't know nearly anything about java but I suggest you c++ as a programming language. I guess unity using c# as scripting lang. and guess again java too. If Unity using java too, I suggest unity too. It has got very good gui and compatible with lots of tools(3ds ..etc).
Good luck.


You are experienced then you can find tools from internet. there are many tools available for that. thanks and good luck

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