how do i see the youtube aglorythm?. i dont know how i see it.

How did you solve this?

As to seeing the algorithm, so far you would be a Google employee in the right position to see it. Otherwise folk have to guess.

You don't. The algorithm (or rather, the elaborate set of algorithms and heuristics, though most people mistakenly refer to it as just 'the algorithm') is a tightly kept corporate secret (which in any case is so complex that no one individual can understand more than a small part of it), and is changed frequently to prevent SEO abusers from trying to game it. This doesn't stop anyone from trying, of course, and sometimes successfully for at least a while.

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I was a bit surprised by your question, I mean a regular person can't see the youtube algorithm but I wish we could

Some portions of Google's various search algorithms are patented. Whether or not they're still using those patents, as is, is unknown, of course.

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