I am not a complete beginner to c++, I can make programs that only interact with the user via text, and would like to move on to some 2d games. How should I begin to do that? Does anyone know of any good tutorials to get started with this?

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Donno of any tutorials purely for gaming purpose.. I'm sure you'll find lotsa threads talking abt problems with gaming here.. I would suggest that you pick an idea from one of those and start off..
What you'll need to learn of course is user I/O which you say already know.. additionally good knowledge of printf format strings would help..


2D game with OpenGL API

I assumed fryForever wanted some text based games and not some OpenGL based graphics.


I'm not the best at user input output, but I'm not the worst either, so if you know of a website that has good tutorials on that, it couldn't hurt to take a look right? Also, not necessarily games, but to start off, maybe move a single dot accross the screen? And I was wondering if I would do this in opengl or directx, or if there was a different way maybe.

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