Hi everybody

I am a beginner of j2me programming. I am reading a book regarding J2ME programming and that book is ok for me.

But when I came across j2me programms of my friend, they are very complex for me although I know the basic things. For example, I thought that I understand the concept of high level userinterface. I mean the concept of Textbox, list, Form and so on. But the examples given in the book uses only one MIDlet class and all are written in that class. But In my friend's program, they are partitioned, such as MainForm class, MainMidlet class ,and a class that is for CommandAction() and so on. He also use static ( Forexample if the MIDlet class name is FirstMIDlet, He declares as

static FirstMIDlet firstmid;

and He uses as FirstMIDlet.firstmid in other classes. I can guess why we should use static like that because I before know the concept of static. But I want to know step by step explanation exactly how to write j2me programs like that.

How should I do?

Is there any free ebook that is suitable for me?

Thanks in advance.

The thing is that books are unlike to show more complex development and they usually work with single target in mind opposite to multifunctional requirements your friends under go to create their applications.
Book will show you how to create form and pass or retrieve values from there to another form and does not really care that there perhaps should be another class that handle second form, or perhaps another class that does various computations/processing.

So learn basics from book and then look upon your friends examples for more advanced examples. For books my preference goes with Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional 3rd Edition or Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications