My name is Peter aka Qing, I come from Uganda. That is in East Africa.
I have this urge to learn alot n programming but sometimes am lost in dreamng.
I need some one to like mentor me or help show me the path.
I have so fare been working on c++ and i'm pretyy good at it.
However i want to move onto java. i want to learn oop, then mobile apps.
hope some one here can help me out.
i'm ready to do anything and prove myself
ooh, and b the way, i love hacking. i am learning alot about that at the moment .
anyhelp will be wonderfull
thanx for reading this post.

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However i want to move onto java. i want to learn oop

Strange, you say you are very good with C++. That you want to learn Java, I can understand, but C++ has among other things, multiple inheritance... Did you missed the oop part of the C++ language?

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excellent observation
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