Hi Everybody,

I am a new joinee as an Android Application Developer. Now I have a duobt that "Does the Android Application Development uses the J2ME platform, I mean can we call the Android Programming as the J2ME programmimg or the Android Programming has nothing to do with J2ME or it has any kind of connection with the J2Me.

The doubt has raised because basically the J2Me is regarding the small Mobile Applications and Android is also related to only Mobile programming.

If anybody has any relevant knowloedge then please do let me know.

Thank you.

Both J2ME and Android are based on flavors of Java. J2ME is based on Sun's open standards process, and the virtual machine needs to comply with these standards. Android is based on Delvik virtual machine, which is a bit different.

UpOnTek offers a service to convert J2ME midlets to Android. Give it a try: <URL SNIPPED>

Not so sure about this, but android is based on java so might be it works.

If you have written a J2ME app it will NOT run on Android. The VM is different.

Michal Geva