Hi, I am new to mobile software development. What is the best hardware and software configuration to use? My current desktop machine (Windows XP) doesn't have enough RAM to download the JAVA ME SDK (has 504 Mb needs at least 1 Gb). So either I have to upgrade my current machine or get another machine. If I get another machine what should I get? I am eyeing an HP Pavilion laptop. What are experienced mobile developer's using?
Thanks for your help.


Forget about JME SDK 3.0, this in reality brought really few new things to JME. Use WTK 2.5.2 or pick one of custom emulators from Sony Ericsson, Nokia or others (here are some links-some links could be out of date it was written 2 years ago...)

OK, I'll check out WTK. But my real question is what workstation are you using?

At the moment I have powerful gaming rig that besides running games ;) does hell of computing job. But I can assure you that you can do JME development on your current laptop (had similar hardware and software on my old laptop 2 years ago). If you decide to buy something new it will speed up processing.

PS: Also if I can suggest, you maybe want to rather look on Android as JME is dying slow painful death (SDK 3.0 wasn't so glamorous as they painted ...)