so i am writing an app for iphone obviously. and i am reading that i can write in c++. It is in the contract for mac developers that you can do taht... so i was going to do the graphics in open gl...

i havent' been able to find out if i can run blender.... to do the graphics which is why i have turned to open gl...

will opengl do for an iphone. or will i have to run objective c on that... i don't know objective c and im still a student so i don't have a lot of time to learn another language and finish math

also java for the android right...

i havent written in java for at least a year... but i can pick it up again... but again im hoping to write the meat of the programs in c++ and then interface that with different languages.. cuz it's just 1's and 0's

okay... so any input is well appreciated

and a huge thank you

iPhone apps are usually written in Objective- C. You can use C++ in your objective -C programs but many of the common feature (constructors) are not allowed.
Overall it makes way more sense to develop in Objective- C for the iPhone/ iPad platform
Also iPhone does not support openGL. It supports openGL ES where ES obviously stands for Embedded Systems.