is there a way to develop an android app from a linux pc. because i couldnt pay the license fees of microsoft i decided to use linux. i am not a power user but i know html & css. so i have a couple of app ideas i would like to start.

generally speaking what is the best way for me to learm how to develop a android mobile app

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To me this is odd. My PC came with Windows and with Windows 10 being a free update, well what fees? If it's Visual Studio there is Visual Studio Express which has no fees.

But to your question, seems to answer that. I use Android Studio and it's about as good as it gets. Lots of tutorials out there.

Use Eclipse, it is a Java IDE, generally adapted to Android and has everything that you'd need. There's long guides on how to set up your environment and start creating apps and in case you don't have an android device, you can test them on a virtual simulator which Eclipse can start as well

@Slavi Eclipse usage is discouraged as Android Studio is these days prefered and reccomended tool even by Google. Eclipse Gradle implementation lags behind AS and it will be evntually dropped

As for your question @serenagrace this is what you need

  1. Knowledge of Java and basics of XML
  2. Installation of Java SDK 7 (8 and higher is not recommended as Android is not fully compatible).
  3. Android Studio, 1.3 is latest


  • Android SDK download - you will get one with Android Studio but I prefer a copy that I'm in control in regards of location of instalation
  • Stand alone installation of Gradle download - you may stick with Gradle wrapper provided by default by Android Studio wizard it will do all
  • Genymotion download - a faster emulator than the one that is part of Android SDK. Provided link is to free version. See comparision between free and busines copy here!/store
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