Hello Friends,
I want to synchronize the database from server to mobile application. I googled so much. I got much information on :

  • DB2 Everyplace
  • IBM CloudSpace
  • PointBase(Not able to download)
  • Sync4j
  • SyncML
  • Data Sync API(Not able to find)

Now I am confused to which one to select? Which method is proper to do this. I have to accomplish this task within 2 days, so please help me. I have created database in RecordStore in J2ME,.

Please some one response to my thread, Its very urgent.

As time was going, I came to know about this Softwares.
SyncML is for synchronize the PIM data, but not suitable for Databas as we need.
For, SQL Anywhere, it has mas 3-4 components,i.e. Mobilink, UltraLite(UltraLiteJ for J2ME), and others.
For DB2 Everyplace, I am not able to configure after installing, so not knowing so much, but on IBM, there are tutorials By Naveen Balani.
Please friends, you all contribute as much as you can.

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it depends on the server that u're using but mostly, we use sybase(sql everywhere) which has the ability to directly link and synchronize a PDA application.windows server 2008 has windows mobile but for windows 2003, you have to install microsoft active sync. it is free for download.Also, if the link to the computer is via blue-tooth, configure your server to allow blue-tooth devices.

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I am working on J2ME, and had to synchronize data on server with RMS(Record Management System), where RMS is only just one kind of Byte Arrays which does not support QUERIES as in SQL.

So, as time passed, I introduced to Sybase SQL Anywhere, and thanks to their embedded documentations. I can connect my application with that.

But still having many bugs.

Now, I am referring Mobilink for Sync. As much as I know, I am ready to contribute them here.

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