So i have been searching all the net but haven't exactly found what I'm looking for and I'm starting to believe that it is impossible.

The problem is that I have a local MS SQL Server stored on my notebook. What I would like to do is an android application that can actually access this database from anyplace in the world (so to speak).

I have found this tutorial which connects to MySQL (I can edit it to connect to MS SQL). However this tutorial makes use of a database on a remote server and not a local.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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That tutorial is exactly what you need because your "local" database is local only to your laptop and not to any other device. And if you want to share that database you would have to provide means to do so like acquiring static IP for your laptop so you could connect to it from anywhere in the world.

Thanks for your quick reply. SO what happens if my notebook uses dynamic ips and is different all the time? Wouldn't that make it impossible to connect?

Yes, your best chance is to get some hosting plan so IP would remain same. Then provide a way to access database, PHP/Java/.NET service that accept request and some parameters, runs the query and return results back to device

THanks for your reply. I have managed to connect using the tutorial I shared and the help you have given me. Thanks again.

You could use a dynamic domain service such dyndns to allow you to have a static domain name point at your various dynamic IPs.

I've used the service for some years to access my home computer which has a dynamic IP and can't fault it.


I do understand how much this looks like spam post - being my first and all, but I'm not affiliated with dyndns, I just like their service and thought it'd help on this occasion.

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