Can I ask what the programing languege used in iOS?
I heard it was Xcode but I'm not 100% what that is, lol if anyone can give me a hand it would be great.

Also (and I know this is kind of a supid queston) can you use and C++ knolge with it?

Any help would be great,

Thanks :)

The language of choice is Objective C. Cocoa is Apple's version of such. XCode is the development environment as Visual Studio is for Microsoft. XCode supports C, C++, however if your are going to develop for the Mac, the iPhone, or iPad you will need to use and learn Objective C. Similar yet notably different than C.

Also if you are new get XCode 4. It still is in development, but soon to be released I am sure. It is quite different than XCode 3 and worth the 99.00 to join the Apple dev Group. Also why spend the time to learn the old tool when the new one is so different.

There is yet another version of Objective-C called "Objective-C++" to program for the iPhone. I am not sure if you can say Objective-C++ is a whole new language (I would say it's a superset of Objective-C which is a superset of C). Basically, what Objective-C++ allows you to do is to use C++ classes in your iOS/Mac project, as long as you don't attempt to inherit from those classes and as long as you don't write a C++ class that inherits from an Obj-C class.

Also by the way, Xcode 4 was released today in the Mac store: It costs 4.99$ and everyone can download it. Those lucky fellas who are registered iOS developers and Mac OS Developers can get it for free. I use Xcode 3, but for what I heard the new XCode is very nice.