Hi guys,

A group of us are developing an app for the Android phone. The app is used to record down statistics, like how many messages the user has sent, or the amount of time he/she has spent using the phone, etc, mainly using it to help users compare their own stats with others through a server/site, making them more conscious about their own usage.

We're having some doubts here.

First thing, we have to use a code to read system log files and then save the data on external server. Is that possible to do? If yes, any pointers?

If no, then we are basically thinking of something like a background process which records system events on the phone when the user activates the app through a start/stop interface which starts/stops the recording of the data. How can we do that?

I know these may seem very vague, but I'm sure any kind of feedback is helpful. Thanks in advance!