Hello everyone,

I've build a web project that could upload and resize image with the following script and i did minor change on it:

It works fine on desktop computers and samsung galaxy s froyo. But when i tried on android tablets such as samsung galaxy tab the upload feature failed. Everything works fine until the upload button is clicked. It get stucked at upload.php ( a file that i created separate from a single php file as demonstrated by webmotionuk ), it shows blank after the upload process a while and suppose it direct to secondpage.php after the upload finished.

I've tried to direct access to secondpage.php once the upload progress bar stopped to try to displayed the image but it doesn't work. i've checked the server the image selected wasn't being upload as well.

All the features and functions mention above works fine on desktop computers except android tablets.

I'm a junior with php web development and would be appreciate if anyone could tip me a direction where to go :)

P.S. Thank you for reading my post

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SOme aspects of js don't work on android, e.g. wysiwyg editors. As php is run on the server, I can't see how it's php.

Hi Ardav,

Thank you for your reply. I've considered the problem that might happens on a mobile device before so i didn't took any JS script into my project. I'm only using php to process and return errors. I made changes according to webmotionUK's tutorial and it works fine on desktop computer and my samsung galaxy s gingerbread. sorry, it wasn't froyo, i forgot i've updated into gingerbread already.


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