i created a simple program using j2me

when the user input number[1-9], the element that corresponds to the input is highlighted..

i use choicegroup..

how to do it??

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What you need to use is setSelectedIndex(int elementNum,boolean selected) where you provide element number/index and boolean as TRUE.Do not forget to make your ChoiceGroup as Choice.EXCLUSIVE

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Then you have to write CustoItem as per your requirments

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in my application its necessary to use Choice.MULTIPLE...
when i set selected as true the element will be check but it is false nothing happen.
i want the element to be highlighted not checked and when the element is highlighted i want to pop it up on the form

is it possible???how to do it??

could you give me some code using customitem???thnks...

thnks...i appreciate ur help...it helps me a lot...

thnks...i appreciate ur help...it helps me a lot...

Well I would appreciate if you adhere to forum rules and use proper language too.

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