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I'm new to python. First off I'd like some advice on where to find modules for python that I can trust don't do anything malicious.

There seems to be a lot of modules availible for python but how do I know that they only do what they advertise they do without actually going through the code. Being a beginner in python reviewing the code doesn't seem viable. Seems to me like an ideal area to place malicious code.

Secondly and the main reason I'm hear. I'm looking for a module I can use to interact with active directory in both a windows and linux enviroment. Currently I'm using win32com in windows but that doesn't work in linux.

I have written a script in vb to read a text file of users and create the user in AD. It does various error checks to see if they exist etc and enables them and moves them to the correct OU if they do.

I now want to create that script in python so it can be run in linux by the sys admins wh use linux and so I can integrate with google apps api also, which I believe you use python for.

Any help appreciated.


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Here seems to be code for linux using ldap and what it takes to install the necessary software:

I do not know if there is quality controlled of Python code available except of course if you hire reliable and knowledgable programmer to review the code. Here is one article about subject

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