So, I was making an application that used Htmlunitdriver and webdriver in Netbeans, and it works dandy. So I want to transfer it over with some rearranging onto Eclipse for Droid programming. However, when I post like... WebDriver driver = new HtmlUnitDriver(true); it does not give any "import htmlunitdriver" option.

This also happens when I try to add DefaultModelList to Eclipse.

Do I have to add these manually? Or are these not supported? If they are not. How I can work around this issue?

Thank you!

EDIT: JOptionPane also isn't showing up as an import class option either. :S

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Well seems to be obvious that you are missing some libraries. There is something on back of my mind that latest NetBeans download included some testing frameworks, not sure of that and due to this you didn't need it to manually include them in project.
In Eclipse you will either have to manually download them and point Eclipse to them, or if you know how to use Maven just add them to your pom file

For JOptionPane, check that your installation of Eclipse is associated with an installation of Java

I forgot to add one detail that a lot of people have just now been telling me, and that is that this program is for droid use. (Using eclipse to make the android app).
And that most of the issues are items that are not supported in Android, as they are swing-based. *sadface*

That would be down to the fact that you call it Droid where in reality you should call it Android. Also you may want to have look on Selenium site of AndroidDriver

If I can get the androiddriver to cooperate, is there any simple ways to fulfill my JTextPane needs? I use em solely as a popup box to input data and then submit it.

The application is basically a mobile relay for an onsite chatbox. Same features as the chatbox, just accessible via mobile

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