I am going to redo the interior of my truck (a 1998 Chevy K1500 Pickup) and want to mount a Android tablet in the dashboard to replace all my stereo and environment control (maybe vehicle lights too). My plan is to write an Android app to do this, but I'm fairly new to Android development. My question is, how difficult is this going to be? I realize I will have to interface with the car's computer systems somehow, but how would I go about this?

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To be fair I do not know, I never tried such thing. What you need to find out is if the devices that you wish to control have some SDK (software development kit) or some interface/service you can connect to and communicate with them. Also try to search for some people who may done something like that

Instead of interfacing directly with the car's computer, I decided to use servos to directly manipulate the environment controls. I also discovered Android accessory standard and pre-produced boards (Arduino/Amarino) to use to control them. I will be updating my blog with my progress: http://n00bnerd.blogspot.com/

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