Hello, i want to know what controls are used in this image

For Header, seems like TextView with "steColorFilter()", if someone have any idea how i can draw like this give an example.

And the 2nd thing i want is, is this in image ListView? ("San Francisco", All Neigh...")

sozX10 for my english

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As you mentioned there are TextViews, followed by Spinners(you are more likely to know it as dropdowns) followed by date&time picker and another Spinner.
As layout you correctly identified it as ListView . More info can be found at Android official site - Hello, Views

Thanks, im litle confused, i find only for listactivity but i want to have a listview with other controls in 1 form

all examples are just how to create an form-lv

any idea;

Ohhhh my bad, I should not replying in middle of the night. It is not ListView as for that you provide just adapter which populate content of the view.
Your linked image is GridLayout, some nice sample of use can be found in this article also have link to code you can play around

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