Hey guys, I am starting the development of my android cloud app, I want the user to log in and then be able to upload images to their account. The way I want the app to work, is keep as much information local on the device, instead of having web pages displaying information all the time. So for instance the first screen is a log in form, I wan to know if is is possible to have a regular form not a web page, that still posts information and loads the action page?

So if successfully logged in then a web page will load and display the success text for two seconds, then go back to the android screens, not the webview. I want to do this kind of back and forth continuously during the app, is this possible? I hope it is because I do not want to build basically a website for the application.

I would appreciate any information regarding this as I cannot seem to find a straight yes or no to this problem.

Many thanks!

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Have look at BF3-Battlelog project on github. What it does is login from device and authenticate, retrieve data from remote source and display them

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