Currently, I'm typing from a laptop. (I'm no use with computers and I can't suss this out myself, and without any internet usage - albeit short bursts that I get - I have to use a laptop. I don't have any way of transferring items over from the laptop to the computer other than a small USB disk.) I couldn't think of good words to sum up the title in, but I tried.

Oh. And I lost the windows 7 install disk. :l Or more it's somewhere in the attic of despair where I will never find anything I need when I need it.

Anyway, on to the problems.
PROBLEM A. Explorer.exe
I think I know what the problem is after googling the problem, though i'm unable to fix it right now as I'm still replacing the CPU. It's launching a explorer.exe that WORKS - sometimes. It sometimes needs to be 'killed' and restarted, for the usual gui and all that to work. Differences being that - 1. The desktop theme ALWAYS reverts to a solid black background. 2. (Is this related? It started only recently, though it has been faulty since the problems started, though it wasn't this bad.) The internet (I'm using a wireless dongle) keeps... well, it can FIND the network. It can CONNECT to the network - well, no it can't, not exactly. When you connect to the network (I've tried 2 different dongles. Neither worked) it will ask for a password. If you enter the correct one, it claims it's incorrect. If you enter the actual password that came with the router, it's still incorrect. OCCASIONALLY, if I've got it set to autoconnect, it'll rarely start connecting on it's own and stay like that - ranging from a few seconds to maybe an hour or two - then disconnect. It's been getting less and less each time I run the computer. My dad bridged the connection over and it WORKED - until he shut the computer down and disconnected. It didn't work anymore after that.

PROBLEM B. Internet usage. Explained in 2 of PROBLEM A as I think it may be a seperate problem and I couldn't find a solution.

PROBLEM C. Files going missing.
Files keep going missing - mainly .exes, and they don't go in the recycling bin, they just disappear plain out. E.G. one day, I've been playing the game, next day, the .exes gone. I don't even have to have played it any time recently, they just disappear.

PROBLEM D. Music and Picture files losing their data?
I'm not entirely sure how to explain this. Say I have.. Picture Piece A. Picture Piece A will be there one day, but then lose the contents of the file or something, and turns to a 0KB file, where it might have been 5MB before. It's no longer playable. Though sometimes, the files are playable even though it's 0KB.

PROBLEM E. Certain Programs that would not crash the computer usually will make windows shut down to 'prevent additional damage' after 'detecting a problem'
Things like Microsoft Word, anything by Microsoft really. Not really much info on this one.

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