Dear friends, i am a university student competting for my bsc(hons) in IT! i suggested to have my final year project based on android, n for your info, i have never codded in android. im am supposed to give a suggestion by tomorow! and i would be completing my project by august!

What the program is to to do, it
1) automatically locate where you are in mauritius
2) you select your destional upon tapping on specific location in maritius
3) it will tel u the route you need to take to got by car, the km and the duration u will reach their
4) you may also wish to select to go by public bus, which will then retrieve the info from a database, about the bus schedule using the actual time, and tell you the bus fare

My question is that be possible to be done on android, the map of mauritius with multple roads, and locations, and route?
Please help
thanks a lot

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3)yes, given more then thousands applications on Android market
4)possible if public bus service has some interface you can communicate with, example TFL - Transport for London. This is however research you need to do on your own

You already got answer for this in following thread

Ya thank you a lot! But i think im dropping this idea as i am new to that technology and that its my final year project, so im quite nervous on taking up that risk! Thanks a lot again

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