I know couple of programming languages.
I have been juggling for months with the question, if its worth taking a Cert in Android application development and /or IOS application development.
I have asked around and got responses such as its a fad, tech will change in a few years
Resources are tight at the moment hence i need to come to a clear decision.(i like the idea to develop my own app, like everyone)
What does the industry req?
Can i learn it from books?Is a Cert really worth it?How fast can an average programmer learn android or ios application.

Thank you

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Well... by my opinion, it's better to stick with both. Think about it this way, if your good on both you can make your app even popular if it is on both iOS and Android... That's my opinion, I can give you more advice, but if you want to stick in a budget do iOS first, then android.

But this is totally your choice, so I wish you the best of luck on which path you take :)

If you have more questions, ask or research further!:)

Ok thanks
But the point in am making is, is it worth in the first place to take a cert in Mobile development, be it Android or IOS(Sorry i wasnt clear above).

i can go and take a basic ,for example , IOS course through

or should i do so through a proper course like


Is it worth the money?(The above example applies to Android application too)


Honestly, I think that you should get advice from someone who has taken those courses... but if you want my advice i'd take what tools they use and learn from there (but my advice is an option)... take whatever option you'd like... this is your choice and I hope you the best of luck in becoming a pro app developer :)!

Working in Android dev company, none of us have any certification. Our learning came purely from books, hacking on pet or open souerce projects.
There seem to be some wave of hype in Asia, more specifically Bangladesh, India, Pakistan that some companies are offering Android certification which in reality is more of course with some quez hacked together at the ned, but is is useles in western world.
Personally I think that experience of any size is worth more then certificate

Thanks gys, esp peter_budo.

The more mobile development platforms you learn and master, the more sought-after you become as a professional
[ios developer]<URL SNIPPED>.There are many certifications and training programs available learn it.

@johnbritto473 that is one of the most stupid opinion you can actually master. If you actually followed mobile market you would know that all these multiplatform companies are failing becuase they not capable of building proper app for either of the platforms. Just because you built successful app for iPhone doesn't mean your Android app will be some quality as the other and vice versa.

PS: You better to quit advertising or you get banned!

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