We're a startup from Poland and we created an image recognition API. It would be awesome, if you could help us with testing. :)

You can find our API at: http://recognize.im
An example of what you can do with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K57Q-LVE1XU

If you are interested in testing, please send me a PM.
For giving us feedback everyone will get the premium account for 30 days (also we'll have some other gifts for the most involved testers).

Best wishes

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You're using java for that? This sounds like something I was thinking about recently. I would like to know how it actually works and how it recognises peoples' faces

Well, it is not the face recognition algorith exactly, but image recognition (face recognition is based on eyes recognition, mouth recognition etc.; it is not exactly the same). Anyway you can try it if you drop me an email (rafal.dubrawski@recognize.im). I will send you back user login and pass.

Thanks for the interest.

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