Hi all,

I want to write to html5 application and convert the web application to adnorid application with phone gap. I think I can handle this, I have found many resources for this. but the problem is now I want to enable my native language keyboad when I run my andorid application. If user prefered to changes language then it should also be able to do.

My native lanugae is 'Sinhala'. Is therway to handle this??? I think this is related to unicode. Can I enable unicode for my language and give a way to type with 'sinhala' lanugage? this is something I feel that there is a posibility..

thx in adavance...........

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Not aware that PhoneGap has support for Sinhala, and neither Android supports it naitivelly as far I'm aware

ahh thanks, can you give me a hint to solve this problem then?? Can you guide me. I am newbi to this area..

thx again

Till there is no official suport there is nothing you can do.

I could solve this following way

@font-face {
font-family: 'Kaputaunicode';

src: url('fonts/kandyunicode.ttf');
h1 {
  font-family: 'Kaputaunicode', Arial, sans-serif;
 font-family: 'Kaputaunicode', Arial, sans-serif;

so now I can solve a big headache that was suffering me last few days. Apart from that I can render my native language properly in android applications now. so no more you guys want to wait until android release support for this.

And remember to save data as unicode values to database then only you can render your native language font as well as download ttf file and save it in your project directory..

That is just font not language support. Big difference!

And why did you down voted me? I gave correct answer

I misunderstood that rendering native language fonts refers to language support! sorry about this. I have seen many web sites that says multilanugage but only rendering fonts.

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