I'm thinking of embarking on mobile application development and where i work as an IT student, they develop alot of applications for the web.i have this idea of creating an app that will display a caller's current location when making a call for verification.Just like a mobile tracker for lost phones just to aid in finding them.

What do you all think and what kind of advice would you give a newbie like me?

I would consider that a serious invasion of privacy! Find something that does not impinge on the user's right to privacy, at least without their EXPLICIT agreement to let you do so! IE, an opt-in vs. an opt-out policy. What you propose is reasonably, but invasive. You need, in such cases, to carefully consider the needs/rights of the user. Call this a wakeup call for Ethics 101.

@rubberman: i understand but that will be a 'set permission' option which allows the user to either display or not display his /her location. i think that saves me from touble and shows how ethical i can b. What do you think?