My objective is to send an SMS "receipt" from an Agent's mobile (viewing our web page) instantly to the "payer" to acknowledge receipt of a (small) cash payment .... using the bundled SMS package wih the Agent's phone contarct ... not an external SMS service.

I'm hoping to do this from our website (which the Agent will be viewing at the time of transaction) rather than a dedicated App, if possible.

I have searched everywhere for a simple solution to this and successfully used the following as a prelimanry test

<p><a href="sms:77777777777?body=SMARTiPAY. £5 received, thank you. ">Send SMS welcome message to new member ></a></p>

.. but what I actually need now is a means of replacing both the "number" and "content" with variables generated from a form on the page .... input fields "mobilenum" and "message" (or other variables if spec needs to be different?)

This is the first time I have used a forum, so I hope I'm not abusing any etiquette or people's kindness.

Thank you

Zagga, thank you!!
You are an absolute b++++y marvel!
Not having any coding skills, but needing to get as close as possible to a working demo, I have trawled the web with every conceivable combination of words to find a solution, wasted hours reading pages & code .... tried scores of code bits ... and you've cracked it in no time!

Thanks so much! It seems to be against the rules, but is there some way I can at least send you a small reward? (My welcome from daniweb today says I can't post contact details?)


ps .... Zaggy .... are you good at PHP/MySQL too? (Just have a little thing to sort out with that .... but I really would like to pay something if there's a permitted way)

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