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I've been tinkering around with my first IOS project that basically is a chat client right now. It connects to a server and lets you read chat and send chat. I want to next let the user isolate some chat in another page on the story board. They might choose a channel from the ones displahying in their console and click a button and only that channel will display in a second page of the story board that opens on the button click. I've never created a second page, view till today and i'm new to this.

Well my socket is a thread started in my view controller. It uses run loop. How does it work so that this socket that is in the view controller initial view can also update the second view. I need to somehow make a delegate for my console in the second view and let the first view have access. Alternativly if this is impossible i need some sort of queue that works in ios and i read i can pass variablews to the second view so i could pass the queue. In Java i would use a concurrently linked queue. Can you run all your story board pages off of one view controller file? I tried but it would let me drag from teh text view to initiate a delegate in my first view controller ( i havent tried to create a second view controller for hte second view). Funny thing is i was able to get an ibaction for return to execute in the first view controller for a button on second page.

Any help even if someone just wants to drop a few words on how these views work and how programs get designed using them is appreciated. Also would i have easier time sharing info if i made it a tabbed application.