Guys am a student, in the 4th year studying IT and they have told me that i must develop a system to get the degree. . i want to develop a mobile based system but i dont have the idea of what system to develop. . . help me with an idea/concept

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"System" is pretty vague. Have your studies focused on anything in particular? Do you have any interests that might suggest a possible project? first i wanted to come up with a system which should be providing discounts updates to customers using push technology..i developed it using nokia mobile internet toolkit but i dont know how i can deploy i wanted change the topic but what to do next,i dont know cause i have spent most my time o a project which i have just recently dropped..please help

It sounds like you're looking for something simple and not too time consuming? Maybe you could scale your current dropped project down or modify it using xml parsing or something like that.

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