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I'm trying to create a VOIP SIP SDK or a VIOP application for black berry and you can call me damn becuase I have all the required Libraries files and all the related files which are writen in C# and C++ but the problem is that I haven't done those languages I'm only using VB. so if you may be wanderring where did I get this files well I got the OPAL and the Pjsip which are the public or can be used and be reworked for any purpose so I need help to make a Client and a server applications just like the Ozeki but i just want to only make not receive calls, Please anyone with a good help thanks.

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1)Flash is not supported as of Android 4.1 which was one of the annoucments of Google IO 2012 so you already limiting your market
2)You seriously expect some one to write you app for free???

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No but talk private as long as you can help.

You may use [this guide]<URL SNIPPED>. It explains how to use the C# VoIP SIP source implementation of Ozeki VoIP SDK for creating a VB.Net Softphone

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Thanks williamwalker but I wanted to create it without the Ozeki but guess I will just try the other way other than the use of Ozeki.

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