I am learning Android using java. i want to make a mini project on that.i wanna make an app which recognise face with name in it. can i make it ?


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Sure. How good are you at image processing? Or, how good are your Google skills to find an already-written library to do that? :-) Myself, I could write it, but why? Leveraging the work of others who really know this stuff and who release it into the wild (open source projects) is not a "bad thing", unless you are doing it for school work! Then, it is cheating! :-)

just i had an idea man of making an app for face recognisation. i never knew it has been already built. As i am a beginner ,Can i get some tutorial links for learining android?

thanks man :)

Can i get some tutorial links for learining android?

you have google.. but anyway try this
it has some zip files that you can download for a better understanding in android programming

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