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i want to try and learn about how to make android apps, can any tell me how can i make it? what tools i need to use? where can i learn about making android apps?

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First off, you should know general Java programming, as Android is based on Java. I would start with Oracle's Java Documentation, and a good book on the topic such as Thinking In Java (if you can't afford the e-book, the previous edition is available for free). You will also want to pick up the Eclipse IDE and learn how to use it, as it is the best suited for Android development.

Once you've got a decent grasp of the basics of Java programming, then you'd want to pick up the Android SDK, for developing your apps, and set up the Android emulator, for testing them. I would also recommend reading Learning Android as aan introductory textbook, followed by Programming Android in the same series.

so, if i have Eclipse IDE i will write JAVA code in Eclipse?

It isn't necessary, but yes, I would recommend it, as Eclipse is a good IDE for Java and there are add-ons specifically for making it effective with Android development.

There is long post dedicated to Android resources on top of this forum section, secondly Eclipse is not only IDE for Android there is also IntelliJ IDEA which in community version supports Android development

i see, i seen someone code to make android using code like vb.....i mean like "Dim bla as string" i think java code doesn't look like that....

Here is the link from which you can learn development in easy and in interactive way. IKNOWDROID <LINK SNIPPED> and also you can learn from this tutorial kickstarter<LINK SNIPPED>

commented: Thanks!, i will try to explore the link that you give!! +1
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Thanks for you consideration @Hazuan Nazri

@Hazuan Nazri use official Android tutorials if need it http://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html

@katesmith8711 keep your spam off the forum kickstarter has no tutorials you linked commercial training, and other side is just sorry excuse of bad Android app sample (both links removed)

commented: Thanks for helping me!, im still learning about android. +1

Thanks! Peter budo!

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