Hi guys,

I'm trying to make an app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 that allows users to add frames to pictures. This is suppose to be a learning experience kind of thing for me!

Anyway, I'm wondering what the best image editing libraries are for each platform.. Basically, I'm looking for some sort of library that allows me to overlap two images and add text on top! :)


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For Java based apps it will be always Canvas as your main drawing board and then manipulation of Bitmap. So since BlackBerry and Android are using Java you are covered there. For iPhone you will need to research, but I expect to be same as it is always Canvas and bitmaps on different layers with different visibility or edited content

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Do you know any open source BB or Android apps that do such thing? Just wanted to look at someone's code...

I will have look in few days as at the moment I'm on holidays

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