i'm having a hard time handling multiple screen sizes (meaning supporting different devices with different screen sizes)..could anyone guide me into the right path??

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thank you for the link.

my folder structure is like this


do i have to make a drawable for my button in each of the 6 drawable folder given above?? also, do i have to write a layout for each of the hdpi, ldpi, mdpi, xhdpi and xxhdpi??

also i tried using different png images for different screens..but this method increases the apk size by a huge factor..so should i create xml drawables?


You have to consider to what audience you are addressing this app, is it suitable to phone, tablet or both. Should application be used in portrait or landscape only, or can user rotate it. Based on that you need to consider layouts for landscape, layouts for tablets (like 7" can show in portrait show 2 fragments together, but in landscape you can show even 3 fragments).

Drawable will assigned appropriate resource to app based on device specs.

For buttons and some simple graphics you can go with 9patches or create drawable layouts when necessary

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